I Am Truly Embarrassed!


My taste in television shows has changed through the years.  I used to enjoy serials like Law & Order and NYPD Blue.  After I got married, I became more of a sitcom guy because my wife enjoyed shows that just made her laugh.  After we had children, it became harder for us to catch our shows so we moved more into the cable section – TLC, A&E, History, HGTV, and the Discovery Channel.  We currently enjoy shows like American Pickers, Storage Wars, Deadliest Catch, and many more.

Tonight, Carrie and I watched the new TLC show, Welcome to Myrtle Manor.  The premise of the show centers around the daily life of the owner and tenants of a “trailer park” located near the Myrtle Beach airport. Carrie and I grew-up in Surfside Beach, which is located just south of Myrtle Beach.  We were normal beach kids – we had summer jobs, hung out with friends, cruised The Boulevard, listened to bands at the Pier in Garden City, and went to the beach.  The beach lifestyle can be pretty simple.

Myrtle Manor takes the beach life and turns it on its head.  The cast of characters on the show are nothing like the people I remember when I lived there.  Maybe it was the type of people I chose to hangout with or maybe I lived a sheltered life, but these folks seem to live by a different set of morals than the ones I grew-up with.  Maybe I’m a little more sensitve to this kind of thing now that I have three daughters.  I’m not really sure.  For me, the show did not represent the Myrtle Beach where I grew-up.

To say that I am embarrassed is an understatement.  I know there are folks that say reality shows like these are just entertainment, and I agree. Shows like these are made to introduce someone to a different way of life.  A show like Duck Dynasty reveals how a family can succeed in the business world by sticking to their values and still be funny.  Every episode ends with the family sitting together at the dinner table.  That, in itself, sends a powerful message.  Deadliest Catch shows how men risk their lives to make the big payday while also forming bonds that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  I’m not sure what message Myrtle Manor is trying to convey, but it definitely doesn’t fit the mold of many of the other shows on TLC.  I’ll watch a couple of more episodes so I can figure it out.

I’m not alone in my thoughts about the show.  A few of my friends on Facebook that I grew-up with share the same view as I do.  I can only hope the residents of Myrtle Beach feel the same way.  I guess the owner of Myrtle Manor will start giving tours.  I think the security guard, Marvin, should be the tour guide.  The Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce can include Myrtle Manor in its Top Ten places to visit on the Grand Strand. Maybe tourists will be able to find discount coupons for the tours in the Myrtle Beach Guide. Better yet, how about the Chamber sponsor meet and greets at various local landmarks so that people can get their autographs.  Go to Sam’s Corner and see the Bandit! I can’t wait!

I apologize for griping. It’s normally not my style, but a blog is a place to vent, right?

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