Breaking News: Christmas is Coming Down!

Christms photo

Breaking news from the Vereen house!  The process of taking Christmas down started yesterday!  My wife assured me that my blog topic did not inspire her to begin this process.  It was on her agenda for the weekend anyway….or so she says.

It seems that the child most adversely affected by the change is my youngest daughter, Clarissa, who was putting things back out as my wife would put them away.  I think she wanted Christmas to last all year.  The other kids have been more passive with their protests – frowning faces, sulking, and slumped shoulders.  The normal looks I get when they don’t get what they want.

As we put things away this weekend, we will cherish the memories of this past holiday season.  We will set aside some of the old decorations to donate and pack the new ones away with some of our favorites.

It was great that my family could all be in one place for a few days, and that we could enjoy Christmas Eve service at the church that we attended as we were growing up.  It really made my parents happy to have all of the kids and grandkids in one place for that time.  And somehow we all managed to get along and no one got hurt.

As my cousins Heather and Elaine said in their comments, putting Christmas away signifies the start to a new year.  Everything is cleaned up and put in its place.  Tables are dusted.  Floors are swept.  Carpets are vacuumed and cleaned.  You start thinking about plans for spring cleaning, organizing, and renovation projects.  Out with the old and in with the new is how the saying goes.

The same goes with our personal and professional lives.  The new year provides us with the chance to assess where we are and make plans for the upcoming year.  Personally, I start with a few big picture themes and move from there.  A few goals.  A few plans for minor life changes.  A few plans around big life changes since my wife is returning to full-time work in late March.

It all starts with Christmas coming down.  I think it has to start somewhere, and this seems like the best place.  Another Christmas is only about 340 days away.

What do you think?


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